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What a Great IFEL Community Day!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Last Tuesday we held our first IFEL Community Day. What a day it was! It started as an opportunity to get some good photos of IFEL members so I would have some images for the website. The day ended up being so much more. As members came in for their scheduled time slots they had an opportunity to talk with each other. Board member Pasquale (Pat) Nocito gave an impromptu lesson on setting up a marketing funnel, Miriam Serna gave suggestions to our food entrepreneurs (Carey and Bernadette), and Mark and Shara talked "school business". We ended the day with a little water cooler talk. As you see above, we got some great pics as well. Thanks to amazing photographer and IFEL Member Fred Sly for making this all possible!

It was an energy boost for everyone who came. And I loved having the opportunity to spend the day talking with our members and seeing new relationships form.


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