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the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership 

Black businesses have been statistically struck harder than others. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have been longtime wealth builders for generations. By supporting more Black-owned companies, you help strengthen ravished black communities.  Now is the time to do your part to support these pillars of their communities. Below is a shortlist of black-owned quality businesses.

Black-Owned Businesses

The Sixes.webp

The Sixes

Founded by Franci Girard


 The Sixes to give tall women  #fashionfreedom. This brand is an ode to those who are 5’7” and up, who love fashion, and who’s been excluded from major style moments because of their height.

The goal of The Sixes is to providing chic, quality womenswear to a deeply underserved market.

The founder and owner Franci Girard having grown up in Brooklyn, N.Y., was obsessed with how the dynamic women of my city used personal style as a form of self-expression and pride. The Sixes is a collection designed with women in mind, where other brands fall short The Sixes got you covered. 

The Sixes



Founded by Catherine Payne-Lewis

About: On a mission to create stock photos that are inclusive of people of color!

Shop Your JPEG

Leaia Keith LLC.webp

Leaia Keith LLC

Founded by Leaia Keith


They say: "Life Insurance?! Why Life Insurance?!" 

We say: "Why NOT Life Insurance!"​ We believe everyone should have Life Insurance. From the youngest to the oldest, You and YOUR family deserve the 3 Ps: protection, provision, and peace of mind. But more than that, Life Insurance is a powerful wealth-building strategy that can be used even while you're still alive...and we want to show YOU how to do it! 


At Black & Insured, we are committed to excellence. We have been working hard to ensure our clients receive the best possible insurance services in these states. 

Leaia Keith LLC


Hip Hop Closet, INC.
Founded by Kyiesha Kelly


Twenty years ago, a brother-sister team out of Brooklyn recognized a need to provide the world with access to clothing that speaks to self-style and the desire to express yourself, and was born.


Throughout the years, Hip Hop fashion has evolved into a popular fashion and Hip Hop has infiltrated every corner of the world. Every race, creed, and ethnicity can claim a place in Hip Hop culture. And we all rep hard! Throughout its growth, two things have remained unmatched, and that's attitude and flavor. You don’t need to know about the latest fabrics and cuts or what the trendiest most expensive labels are to be cool. You only need your authentic voice to express yourself.

The owners and staff at Hip Hop Closet have one goal.

We want to keep you fresh.

Hip-Hop Closet, INC. 


Founded by Vonyale Williams & Klara J. 


Poise is a Women-Owned Modern Marketing & P.R. boutique firm that strives to provide
advanced business and branding support to professionals and companies especially start-ups and small business owners.



Athletic Arts Academy​

Founded by Jya Sokoya Karade


 The Athletic Arts Academy is operated in a 10,000 square foot facility located in Orange, NJ. She operates a year-round program where she has serviced over 1,000 young athletes from the organization's inception. Students enjoy affordable tuition and training schedule accommodating to busy families. The Academy also serves children from various child welfare and social services agencies. The A3 gymnastics community members is comprised of very diverse backgrounds all organized around helping young children. 


 Athletic Arts Academy offers training to beginners as young as age four. "Team A3" is the Academy’s traveling competitive team. These athletes have won local, State, National, and International titles. Team A3 has traveled from New Jersey to California to Florida and Bermuda. They have competed and won against athletes from as far as South Africa, Great Britain, and Canada.

Athletic Arts Academy

Ebaata Skincare 

Founded by Phumelele Kuene



Ebaata Skincare has expanded from Shea butter into all-natural, handcrafted soaps and other products, using the same principles of no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or toxic colorants.

With Ebaata Skincare, I have set out to create sustainable products that are kind to both the skin and the environment; educate customers on the ingredients they are consuming, and support families in making better choices. By developing products that are clean and beneficial to the skin, I am passionate about continuing to raise awareness of the ingredients in beauty and skincare products; and broadening perspectives around what is essential to building skin immunity. 

Ebaata Skincare


Butterfly Dreamz
Founded by: Joy Lindsay



We help girls develop into women who achieve their dreams and fill the roles of leadership in this nation and world.


We facilitate storytelling workshops and events that help promote literacy and develop personal, professional, and scholastic leadership skills in youth and adults.


We create fun and engaging curricula and content that utilizes the art of storytelling to develop social-emotional and leadership skills in youth and adults.

We design customized children's books that celebrate, preserve, and teach the essential lessons and stories of life.

Butterfly Dreamz


Cupcake Chromatography 
Founded by Nadia Bruce



Our mission at Cupcake Chromatography is to spread sweetness and hope! It looks different for everyone, but at our core: We combine sweets with science! Through careful experimentation, creating decadent desserts and fun learning experiences to feed your sweet tooth, while making STEM education more palatable.


We achieve this through our products: #CakeCores being the star of the show, bespoke cakes, food crafting classes, and sweet subscriptions!
It's always our pleasure to serve you, connoisseurs!


Cupcake Chromatography


oneKIN, Inc.

Founded by Jennifer Gomez


oneKIN, Inc. is a mission-driven tech company centered on scaling and elevating small BIPOC-owned businesses. In 2018, we launched the oneKIN curated online marketplace to help customers discover + shop from emerging black and brown brands.


 As a response to Covid-19, we are soft-launching our second tech product in the oneKIN portfolio; twine (TM), a Livestream social commerce mobile app that provides retailers a cost-effective, sustainable, and highly-engaging/converting solution to engage with their target audience.

Shop oneKIN


Live Life Your Way
Founded by Noreen Sumpter


Noreen Sumpter is a certified confidence and self-esteem coach that will equip you to own your voice, speak your truth, and live life your way. With Noreen as your guide, you will design your life the way you want to LIVE it by marching to the beat of your own drum and discover your truth.


Offer: Coaching gift certificates + Invite to come to The Big Release

Shop Live Life Your Way


Kidault Kar LLC
Founded by Enitan Shepherd


Kidault is a car service with car seats for children and seniors. We do school transportation, newborn hospital transportation, and Medicaid transportation and we also have wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Offer: 15% off rides from December 1st to Dec 31st using code: RIDE15

Shop Kidault Kar


Little Foot's 24 Hour Childcare
Founded by Joseph Aroustalia



Affordable 24 hour childcare offering overnight and weekends.

Shop Little Foot's

Tavit's Dry Cleaners

Founded by Amiri Settles


Tavit’s understands that busy life can get messy at times. When it does, you can count on us to ease the “load”. Minimal touch pickup and delivery is our specialty! We’re dedicated to providing uncompromising service and value for our community. Our unique process combines state-of-the-art equipment with eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions. This ensures that we clean and handle your garments with the utmost care. We are also helping to promote a healthy environment. So, whether you’re looking to win time in your day or dealing with a tough cleaning challenge — we’re here to help. We deliver your cleaned and pressed items to your front door!

Tavit's Dry Cleaners

Golden Flourish

Founded by Rachel Caribbean


Golden Flourish teas are skillfully and intentionally crafted.

Rachel is a Self Care Advisor, helping busy women build consistent self-care routines.

It can feel frustrating to be in a constant flow of busy; trying to balance everything at once and plus self-care.

  • Start building a consistent self-care routine

  • Make space for chill vibes

  • Show up at your best for all areas of your life.

Self-care doesn’t have to be hard! I can support you to build the routine that you constantly envision and consistency that will have you feelin’ yahself

Golden Flourish

Momma's Place Soul Food

Founded by Evelyn Walker 



Momma’s Place Soul Food“ Restaurant brings authentic Southern Soul Food to the heart of New Jersey.

Originating from Alabama, Momma Walker’s recipes have been passed down with love for generations  

Authentic fresh Southern soul food with authentic southern hospitality.

Momma's Place Soul Food


Founded by Tanya Van Court


Goalsetter is a family banking and financial literacy platform that will help every member of your family to save money, learn money, earn money, and spend money responsibly.

Goalsetter offers the following key features:

  • FDIC-Insured Savings Account: A savings account for every member of your family, from cradle to graduation, from parents to grandparents.

  • GoalCards instead of gift cards: Family members and friends can gift real money towards real dreams.

  • Financial Literacy Quizzes

And Many more

Goalsetter is for grown-ups, for teens, for kids, for tweens. It’s the best way for families to save for goals and teach their kids healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime.

Goalsetter Family Banking

The Hat Depot LLC

Founded by Shellie McDowell


All hats are not created equal.

Hats by Shellie McDowell have also been featured in the New York Times, Hallmark Channel, Victoria, Women’s Faith, and Spirit, Black Elegance, and the NBC Sunday Morning Show Positively Black.


Hats by Shellie McDowell’s clientele includes working women, as well as the rich and famous. Her stunning elegant creations have caught the eye - and adorn the heads of such luminaries as Oprah Winfrey, Serita Jakes (wife of Bishop T.D. Jakes),

Hats By Shellie Mcdowell are always in bloom.

The Hat Depot LLC

Best in Class Education Center

Founded by Dr. Alissa Gardenhire


We help students develop the skills and knowledge they need for a bright future. Best in Class students benefit from individual attention, active instruction in small groups, and engaging course material aligned with common standards.

Our programs move K-12 students of all abilities towards the top of their class, but our mission doesn't end there.

At Best in Class, our mission is twofold: build better teachers; build successful students. Education is the door to the future. We want to leave a legacy and a lasting positive impact on our students and teachers alike. We know how important great teachers are and we want to support their individual growth so that they can continue to change the lives of their students.

Best in Class Education Center

Caring For Children Corporation dba Brick City Bricks 4 Kidz

Founded by Tara Williams-Harrington

Brick City Bricks 4 Kidz® is a proud provider of S.T.E.M. enrichment education. Our enrichment, summer camp, and In-School programs are created by professionals active within their respective science fields including engineering, architecture, physics, robotics.


They are designed to promote early exposure (ages 3-13) to S.T.E.M. topics in a manner that is designed to be both enlightening and fun. We learn, we build, and we play using LEGO® bricks, gears, motors, remote controls, digital cameras, animation, and programming software as the hands-on teaching tools. When a child is learning in ways that appeal to them, their learning is enhanced and the ability to retain information is greater.

Brick City Bricks 4 kidz

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