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Jazmine Bighom

Program Coordinator


Jazmine Bighom

Jazmine’s love of art drove her to leave the traditional Cal State University life and attend an art school where she discovered her love of Fashion Marketing and Management. Having attained her degree, she went on to become an Area Manager while living in Los Angeles where she was able to apply her knowledge of all things marketing/management in addition to learning and growing in that position. Due to her constant need to continue her education and challenge herself, Jazmine began offering small businesses the opportunity to assist them with their online presence. By tapping into the freelance world as a Social Media Marketing Manager, she was able to work with several small businesses during the pandemic consulting and managing their social media platforms. Jazmine has a passion for helping others and considers it her Ikigai: The reason why you get up in the morning. She believes in nourishing the mind, body and soul which led her to attain her certification as a board certified Holistic Health Coach and start her own online practice where she supports and guides individuals on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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