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Julia Runne

Event Coordinator

973-353-0610 x131

Julia Runne

While at Texas Tech University, Julia began her independent contracting career by working as a choreographer, photographer, and nanny! Quickly she figured out that teaching dance and working for herself was a passion and lifestyle she was not ready to give up. After quickly making moves and accepting a part time job as an assistant director with her alma mater she came on to our team in order to provide efficient assistance to all platforms regarding our programs. Julia has a servant's heart and wants to do the best she can to help all people, she feels that IFEL’s mission closely aligns with her personal beliefs and is honored to work for an organization that cares about those who often get left behind. Her end goal is to be a motivational speaker that attends dance conventions and speaks on how the mind, body, soul connection is important to be a healthy and successful dancer/creative.

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