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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of information am I getting from the success coach during the 30-minute call?

A. The 30-minute call with the success coach consists of the coach asking where you currently stand in creating a business, a review of the program, and ways for you to branch out into their business.

Q. Can I get quality referrals to financial institutions through IFEL?

A. No, we do not refer you to financial institutions.

Q. Do I get a private office with the Virtual plans?

A. No, a private office is not included with the virtual plans.

Q. Are the offices equipped with office supplies? Or do I just get a desk?

A. The offices have heat, and Air conditioning from 8 am until 6 pm. We also provide wireless internet service, and access to copy machine, fax machine with access that can be limited depending on your usage.

Q. Do I get professional help from IFEL members while using my Grow space office, or is there an extra fee for that service?

A. An accelerated membership is required to be a Grow Space member. As part of the accelerated membership, you are entitled to one business meeting a month with a business counselor.

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