Meet the IFEL Team


Amanda Hubbard

Volunteer Experience Manager

After what felt like a lifetime in the corporate world, Amanda was eager to do work that affects intentional, measurable change. She grew up volunteering for a variety of not-for-profit organizations in the community, and working with volunteers in such an intimate way felt like coming home. As the spouse of a veteran, Amanda has lived in many places and has seen the need for programs like IFEL in communities across the country. She is honored to be a part of the team. Fun fact: Amanda's absolute, hands-down favorite food is kabocha squash. She roasts a batch each week and eats it like candy!


Lori Anne Oliwa

Public Relations Manager

A resident of Middletown, New Jersey, Lori Anne is a lifelong entrepreneur, journalist, and creative business strategist specializing in communications, marketing & event planning. She graduated from Hartwick College with a B.A. in English & Communications and is the founder of The Write Angles LLC, a public relations & communications firm. Lori Anne is passionate about amplifying IFEL's mission and the effective and innovative capacity-building programs offered. She believes IFEL might just be the most powerful business network in New Jersey with a strong leadership and volunteer base. Fun fact: A world traveler since age 8, Lori Anne has an affinity for the sugar and spice of Indian food and loves to create tasty treats from her travels.


Melissa Parker

Success Circles Program Coordinator


Melissa is a graduate of Berkeley College, Newark Campus and a current resident of Newark, NJ. She specializes in engaging with clients and improving the client experience here at IFEL. After meeting IFEL's CEO Jill Johnson, Melissa fell in love with her drive to help small businesses. She strongly believes in the organization's mission and the many opportunities it grants small businesses to become successful. Melissa enjoys playing a pivotal role in getting entrepreneurs closer to their goals. Fun fact: Melissa runs her own business called Emish Company, in which she sells handmade Afrocentric accessories from cultural fabrics that align with your lifestyle.

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Makiel Cepeda

Email Marketing Coordinator 

Makiel specializes in automation and strategic email marketing. Originally from St. Croix, he studied at the University of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas. Currently, Makiel lives and works in North Carolina. With the goal of using his skills and experiences throughout his 7-year career to benefit others, Makiel decided to join the IFEL team. Fun fact: In his downtime, Makiel is a ramen enthusiast and dedicated Philadelphia Eagles football fan. Go birds!