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Get Your Business Prepared For Funding!

IFEL provides the building blocks that business owners need to become ‘capital ready.’ This includes ensuring entrepreneurs have the systems and tools in place to meet the criteria required to secure lending and other funding resources.

Small Businesses
Need Us Loan Fund

If you are a business owner who is capital-constrained, struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or facing other challenges, we can help. Our Success Circles will surround you with a corps of experts ready to get your business back on track.

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Making of Black Angels Entrepreneur Showcase

We believe that diversity and inclusion efforts designed to increase the number of black people involved in angel investing will lead to more black entrepreneurs receiving angel capital--often the first step in getting on the trajectory to venture capital. Thus, by getting more people involved in angel investing, we can make a significant impact on supporting black entrepreneurs.

Not sure where to start?

Answer a few questions for us, and we'll get you started in the right direction!

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