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The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership Announces Appointment of Three Board Members

Respected financial leaders Gina Nisbeth, Peggy Wallace, and Jacalyn Thompson-Champion join IFEL to further its mission of fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem

May 12, 2023

We’re proud to announce the appointment of three new board of directors: Gina Nisbeth, Jacalyn Thompson-Champion, and Peggy Wallace to the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership.  As a nonprofit working to eradicate the systemic barriers, we’re looking forward to broadening our team to welcome forward-looking and strong leadership. 

Gina, Peggy, and Jacalyn will serve as integral and much-anticipated additions to the IFEL Board of Directors,” said Jill Johnson, IFEL Co-Founder, and CEO. “As IFEL continues to grow, we remain focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs through programming that builds capacity and capital readiness around the country. With their deep expertise in both the financial sector and as respected business leaders, we are excited for a very strong year ahead.”

Gina Nisbeth will serve as Board Chair and is the founder and president of 9th & Clinton, a strategic advisory firm for real estate developers, fund managers, and nonprofit and for-profit organizations seeking a double-bottom line impact with BIPOC persons in under-invested communities. As a twenty-five-year veteran of Citi who began her career as a trader, Gina is an active mentor and is focused on closing the racial wealth gap through community development. We’re also thrilled to announce that in continuation of this work and to deepen her footprint within IFEL’s community, Gina will be assuming the role of Board Chair as of this week.

"IFEL is changing business as usual for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who have long lacked access to networks, knowledge and capital. I am excited to strengthen and lead with my commitment to this vital organization." shared Nisbeth.

Peggy Wallace, who previously served as Co-CEO of investment firm Golden Seeds and is a Managing Partner of Golden Seeds Funds, is a seasoned board director on both public and private boards. Peggy is one of the few women venture partners in the US focused on seed and early-stage investing.

Wallace says, “I am delighted to join the board of IFEL and work with Jill and her amazing team to realize our shared vision for creating an even playing field for all entrepreneurs.”  

Jacalyn Thompson-Champion is an angel investor and has worked in venture capital as a consultant, while additionally working as a day trader and real estate investor. She is a member of Golden Seeds LLC and also serves on IFEL’s Making Black Angels/WOCCON Advisory Board alongside Gina and Peggy. 

“Getting more angel investors to see Black entrepreneurs as viable investment opportunities is critical to changing the grim outlook that these innovators face when it comes to fundraising,” says Thompson-Champion. "I am excited to be part of an organization that is taking a new approach to the persistent problem of exclusion for Black and other diverse entrepreneurs."

IFEL is committed to creating opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs who face systemic barriers. With the addition of Gina Nisbeth, Peggy Wallace, and Jacalyn Thompson-Champion to its Board of Directors, IFEL is looking forward to expanding its impact and making a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities.

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