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Our Work

Our mission is to eradicate the systemic barriers that prevent people from historically excluded populations from accessing the knowledge, networks, and capital required for entrepreneurial success and wealth creation.

The IFEL Difference

We work with corporate, institutional, higher education, and community partners to develop and implement innovative, inclusive high-touch programming for small business owners, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and allies that promotes inclusion within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

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Small Business Assistance Initiative

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and founders, wear many if not all the "hats" in their businesses. We specialize in pairing business owners with the expertise needed to strengthen their business core, connecting entrepreneurs to networks of influence, and breaking down barriers that limit access to capital. Best of all, many services are FREE of charge due to grant support. To determine eligibility, complete the form, and we'll be in touch. 

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Skills-based volunteerism experiences that support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives through high-touch assistance to small businesses. 

The majority of small businesses are ill-equipped to survive a crisis, illustrated by the high closure rates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many business owners feel helpless and hopeless. These feelings are especially acute among black and Hispanic entrepreneurs that were already struggling before this crisis. Our Small Businesses Need Us program provides an opportunity for professionals to utilize their skills to help struggling business owners thrive. 

Coffee Shop Owner

Women of Color Connecting leverages the power of relationship capital.

Because capital constraint remains a defining problem for the majority of Women of Color entrepreneurs, we are attacking this problem from a different angle. We are engaging the vast IFEL network to use their expertise and relationships to get more women of color on the grow-scale-exit trajectory to building wealth through entrepreneurship.

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The Making of Black Angels is a movement to increase the number of black angel investors.

We believe that diversity and inclusion efforts designed to increase the number of black people involved in angel investing will lead to more black entrepreneurs receiving angel capital...often the first step in getting on the trajectory to venture capital.

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