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Are You Ready For Real Estate?

Location, Location, Location

Your place of business is where your dreams take shape. It's where talents and ideas are nurtured. However, many businesses struggle to afford rising rents. Many owners make significant improvements to a leased space in a property they do not own–a gamble that puts vital business capital at risk.

How We Can Help

The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership is working to help black, indigenous, and people of color overcome the barriers to commercial property ownership in partnership with TruFund

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​Benefits of Property Ownership

  • Tangible assets that can be leveraged 

  • Tax savings

  • Additional streams of revenue

  • Community revitalization

  • Accessible jobs

Areas Served by Trufund's Real Estate Acquisition Program

New York

Five Boroughs: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island


Houston Metropolitan Area; Dallas/Fort Worth


Birmingham, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Mobile


Atlanta Metropolitan Area


New Orleans Metropolitan Area; Capital Region – Baton Rouge, Shreveport/Bossie

Northern New Jersey


Why Trufund?


As a nonprofit, Trufund's mission is to promote and foster economic development within underserved communities and among disadvantaged populations. Unlike traditional commercial real estate loans, TruFund’s real estate acquisition loan product offers a primary first mortgage of up to 90% of property purchase price with the option to add a subordinated loan of up to 5% of a property purchase.​


Areas served: New York, Northern New Jersey, Alabama, Louisana, Texas, and Georgia

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This program is possible through the Small Businesses Need Us program a partnership with Trufund.

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The Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL), founded in 2002, is an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports economic development through entrepreneurship. We are experts in creating and implementing small business programming in support of larger economic development objectives. Our services and programs help ambitious “every day” entrepreneurs gain access to the knowledge, networks, and capital necessary to succeed in business.


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