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Start a Business

Do you have a plan for starting or growing your business? Does the thought of doing a business plan make your head spin? Our Write Your Business Plan in 14 Days series makes it easy to start and finish your business plan in just 2 weeks.

Turn your idea into a business plan with straitforward concepts.

straightforward concepts

We demystify the business plan writing process.

Arrow representig clear expert guidance to create a business plan.

We guide you through the process section by section.

The plan includes feedback and help for next steps.


Upon completion of your plan, we provide feedback and help you figure out the next steps.

expert guidance

Linda Rogers, Leadership and Management Training LLC

"I completed the 14-Day Business Plan Boot Camp, and I am SO grateful for the quality of advice and direction. I felt like you guys were right here with me every day, even as I experienced setbacks. I'll be submitting my first draft to IFEL soon, and I'm so excited to have completed my business plan in just 14 days!"

If you are serious about starting or growing your business, you need a plan. Sign up for the Write Your Business Plan in 14 Days series today!
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