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NJ Urban News Interviews IFEL'sCEO Jill Johnson

The NJ Urban News on March 5, 2021, interviewed IFEL's CEO, Jill Johnson. She took her time to discuss the struggles, and stigma of minority small businesses in comparison to their white counterparts.

Jill Johnson states, "There is not and never should’ve been a stigma associated with being an MWBE. The problems that these businesses have in accessing capital are mostly systemic in nature. Making MWBEs feel “less than” is victim-blaming at its worst. The banking system has been plagued with exclusionary policies that have kept under-resourced populations from access capital for generations."

She then further discusses the 2021 Women of Color Connecting Summit.

She states, "The Women of Color Connecting Summit (WOCCON 2021) is an event that brings together women of color entrepreneurs who want to build wealth from their businesses with the allies champions and investors who want to support them and, more importantly, who can open doors for them. We invite anyone who self-identifies as one of these categories to join us March 11-25, 2021, as we embark on a journey to create $1 billion in new wealth through women of color entrepreneurs’ success."

For the Full Interview Please Click this link.


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