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Pandemic Perseverance - Eder Charles

Featured Entrepreneur

Meet one of our entrepreneurs who demonstrates tenacity as the pandemic persists.

Eder Charles, Evolve Therapy LLC

“I decided to push ahead, to keep preparing, and to wait for the right time. It was tough, but turned out to be the right decision,” stated Eder Charles, owner of Evolve Therapy LLC, Newark, NJ, a physical and occupational therapy practice.

Charles had solid plans to open with a partner, but COVID-19 hit. Instead of rushing into another partnership - he wasn’t even sure he wanted a partner - he waited, remaining resolute while continuing to network. The patience paid off. Charles procured space in a fitness facility and saved the expense of equipment purchases, opening in May of this year. “I took the time to pause and to decide what I really wanted to do and why I was doing it. That extra time helped me to focus and to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people,”


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