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Pandemic Perseverance - Darcel Dillard-Suite

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Meet one of our entrepreneurs who is succeeding despite the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For Darcel Dillard-Suite, M.S., co-founder of Full Circle Health along with her husband, Derek H. Suite, M.D., the pandemic provided an opportunity to expand an already successful Manhattan & Bronx-based company. The powerhouse couple decided to build an innovative virtual model for workplace wellness and performance, making a healthy and productive workforce top priority.

“COVID-19 was a real game-changer. Everyone has staff who are struggling now and

remote personnel who are transitioning back to the office. Amidst all the political confusion and hysteria over resistance to vaccines, we must educate people to do what is best for themselves and for their own health,” stated Dillard-Suite. The Full Circle Workforce Wellness Platform is a highly individualized coaching and counseling resource that addresses five dimensions of wellness - physical, emotional, social, occupational and spiritual - with the goal of professional and personal peak performance. Clients have private access to coaches & counselors through the click of a button, through video chat or through text, whenever and wherever the client needs a consultation. While the platform is growing and evolving, Dillard-Suite has advice for entrepreneurs navigating their own journeys toward success. “In the quest for perfection, we miss a lot of opportunities. Something will always go wrong. Done is better than perfect,” she stated.

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