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Pandemic Perseverance - Glen Locus

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Meet one of our entrepreneurs who is forging ahead despite pandemic setbacks.

Glen Locus

Coffee Express, CupAKona Coffee

Coffee entrepreneur Glen Locus, owner of Coffee Express in Newark, NJ, struggled with many tough breaks but remained steadfast in his vision to bring CupAKona coffee to the masses. “I didn’t really want to close at all during the pandemic, but 2020 was just so bad financially,” he noted. The Hawaiian brand of coffee he created in 2009 by mixing multiple blends and adding a secret ingredient is something that only he offers. Locus explained that a flood in 2019 destroyed one of his locations , and then COVID-19 hit and financially devastated his Newark location. He moved ahead despite the setbacks and will be re-opening his Newark location shortly. Additionally, he is planning a location in the Bronx and considering Los Angeles, Hawaii, Tokyo and London for expansion.


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