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Tips to Close Your Next Sale

When aiming to close a sale with your next prospective client, customer or landing that ‘big account,’ knowing a few proven sales techniques can increase your odds for success. While building authentic relationships is key to growing your sales opportunities, there are several approaches that can impact your ability to secure your next opportunity.

Benefits Not Features

As the old saying goes, remember to highlight benefits vs. features. It’s always best to share how your product or service benefits your prospective client and how it addresses their leading needs or pain points. This is more impactful than rattling off a list of your product’s features or qualities.


Along with sharing facts, be sure to include a client story or personal story related to your product/service. Research shows that people remember stories they hear over facts or figures. Plus, it’s ideal to demonstrate ‘real world examples.’

Ask for the Sale

During your conversation, don’t be shy – be sure to directly ask for the sale. Additionally, it’s appropriate to incorporate any time limitations or urgency in closing the deal.

Silence is Golden

In many cases, once a person makes a direct ask, they will continue speaking due to nerves. The next time you make a direct ask for a sale, go completely silent. While it may seem uncomfortable at the time, this sales technique will frequently yield positive results.

Free Trial

If appropriate, offer a ‘try before you buy’ offer. This will help eliminate any barriers in making the sale.

There are multiple sales strategies to assist in increasing your revenue and there are many free online sources including podcasts, blogs and websites dedicated to sharing helpful information.

Remember that most of us are not born natural salespeople – it’s something we must learn. Along with building trusted relationships, keeping a few tips in mind can grow your confidence and advance you toward reaching your sales goals.


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