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Support Small Businesses
This Holiday Season
the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership Holiday Gift Guide

 This holiday season, it's important to make a conscious choice to support small and local businesses. Whether you're shopping for friends and family, hosting holiday parties, or just looking to explore new brands, here is a list of small businesses offering quality products and services.


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Moisture Love 

Founded by Jeannell Darden


At MoistureLove, we want you to feel good and to love your natural hair in all its texture and glory. To do that, we want to help you find the perfect solution,  the hair products that will work for you. MoistureLove products work WITH your natural hair, never trying to force it to be something it's not. With us, your hair will feel like it's experiencing a spa day, every day. 

Shop MoistureLove


Lamik Beauty 

Founded by Kim Roxie


LAMIK Beauty (pronounced La-Meek) is a vegan makeup line made with natural and organic ingredients for multicultural women.

We support and celebrate women in all of their glory.

We are building an inclusive community for women across the country. We're passionate about serving this community. 

We are creating the highest quality products with the purest ingredients. We are devoted to promoting the health of our customers and their communities. We educate our customers with love and care.

Lamik Beauty


oneKIN, Inc.

Founded by Jennifer Gomez


oneKIN is a mission-driven, retail-tech company, and we are singularly focused on providing small businesses creative technology solutions to help them increase their visibility and grow sustainably.