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Adrienne Fudge’s Success Circle is a Sounding Board Helping to Advance Her Business

Updated: Feb 1

If you ask Adrienne Fudge, CEO of 40 Dreams Catering, she attributes much of the growth and stability of her business to the WOCCON Success Circles methodology. Adrienne cooks cooks and delivers more than 2,000 meals a week to seniors in Northern New Jersey.

Adrienne Fudge knew 40 Dreams Catering had enormous potential. She also knew, however, that she needed to build processes and procedures and that she could benefit from the expertise that she lacked, didn't know where to find, and couldn't afford. Through WOCCON Success Circles, Adrienne was assigned a team of volunteers willing to share their expertise. She was surrounded by supporters who committed to opening doors.

Cultivating Connections

In 2021, Beth Colt, a partner at J.M. Forbes, and Adrienne met virtually at the WOCCON Summit. An experienced business owner in the hospitality industry, Beth had the expertise and connections that could be helpful to Adrienne and her business.

Changing Mindset

Beth realized that using her knowledge and networks could make Adrienne's path to success straighter. "It's important for entrepreneurs to know they have access to an open Rolodex. So, I opened mine to help give that support," says Beth. Beth and Adrienne have been meeting weekly for nearly two years. "Sometimes entrepreneurs need encouragement or a sounding board," says Beth.

Inspiring Action

Meeting Adrienne inspired Beth to act. She has introduced Adrienne to a social media expert and new funding sources and helped her enroll in world-class training based on the acclaimed Zingerman's business experience. As a result of these connections, Adrienne has been able to:

• Prepare to launch a new private pay meal service utilizing Facebook

• Secure a grant to support marketing for the new meal service

• Experience transformative customer service professional development

• Identify funding options for the purchase of a new production facility

In 2022, Adrienne determined that it was time to take her business to the next level, and decided to secure a commercial kitchen. In January 2023, that dream became a reality after David Martone, former owner of Classic Thyme Cooking School took innovative steps to hold back the mortgage of his facility enabling Adrienne to secure her new location at 710 South Avenue in Westfield, New Jersey.


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