Becoming Consciously Unbiased

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Consciously Unbiased

Today I met with Ashish Kaushal, CEO at HireTalent and Co-founder of Consciously Unbiased at his office in New York City. What a phenomenal guy! Ashish and I first connected through LinkedIn. I was doing my usual evening browsing to see who might be a good connection when I came across Ashish’s profile. I sent a connection request and he accepted. I reached out and we scheduled a time to talk by phone. We had a really good conversation about the Women of Color Connecting initiative and he immediately got how the work he is doing through Consciously Unbiased is related to Women of Color’s tough to form authentic, real connections with people who view you through a different lens that allows them to only see you as probably unqualified at best or as a char