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Changing Mindsets

Prior to joining IFEL, Sharon’s business, Night Fairy Wellness, was not turning a profit. But she kept going and found a new way to open doors to prosperity. Sharon attributes the current growth and success of her business to IFEL, saying that joining was a pivotal moment in her entrepreneurial career. 

“With IFEL, we found a platform that not only nurtured the vision of Night Fairy Wellness but also provided the tools and strategies needed to thrive in a competitive landscape,” Sharon shared. 

Thanks to one-on-one sessions with various industry experts in finance, marketing, and mentorship, Night Fairy Wellness has become a known brand within the wellness industry that is now beginning to make a profit as a business.

Through IFEL’s guidance and expertise, Night Fairy Wellness has fine-tuned its business model, leading to financial sustainability. Sharon wis currently preparing to pitch in September 2023.


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