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Creating Connections

Five months have passed since the WOCCON ZingTrain Leadership Fellows embarked on their transformative journey with the ZingTrain Experience training. 🚀 Selected from the WOCCON entrepreneur community, three aspiring leaders dove into the transformative ZingTrain WOCCON Leadership Fellowship. Rooted in Zingerman’s success, the training covered organizational culture, partnerships, and governance based on ZingTrain’s renowned “12 Natural Laws of Business” model.

After an electrifying live session, the fellowship jumped into the virtual "Leader's Guide to Performance Management," gaining key insights into processes and feedback. Our bi-weekly ZingTrain in Practice sessions witnessed noticeable mindset shifts, with entrepreneurs envisioning futures that address gaps with strategic support and setting tangible goals.

This transformation is a testament to our collective impact! As an organization providing high-touch capacity support, we're thrilled to witness and fuel this journey of transformation. Stay tuned for more updates on our dynamic program! 


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