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Pandemic Perseverance - Mykel Dicus

Meet one of our entrepreneurs who has persevered during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mykel Dicus, creator of Flow and Flair, has literally persevered through movement, in more ways than one. With a background in dance, theater and fitness/kinesiology, his unique physical fitness program, Flow and Flair, extends physical mobility and inspires creativity and physical expression for senior and disabled populations. The program has been in existence since 2011, but was impacted when lockdowns prevented in-person visitations at health care facilities. Dicus embodies the meaning of the phrase, ‘pandemic pivot,’ and adapted by developing online classes for Flow and Flair as well as forming a business which sells masks and bags, Formerly of New York City, Dicus has moved twice since the pandemic struck. He is enrolled in school for certification as a full stack web developer. To maintain income flow after losing his living situation, Dicus became a hospitality manager for a home that hosted traveling nurses while continuing to grow his online sales. His mantra for staying resilient and for staying in motion is, “Freak out and fall forward.”


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